Tell District Attorney Jeff Rosen That It’s Wrong for the 49ers to Intimidate the Grand Jury and Him

Jed York-owner-san-francisco-49ers

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote an eye-opening story:

“The San Francisco 49ers investigated members of a grand jury that sharply criticized their political influence over the Santa Clara City Council.” 

  • A team executive accused the grand jurors of corruption without evidence

  • The team released personal information about them

Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen would not comment on the potential wrongdoing.  

“One juror complained of being “tailed” by another motorist while driving …”

“A second juror complained of seeing an unknown intruder on their property.” 

Rosen remains silent. 

In fact, Rosen still hasn’t decided to investigate the Grand Jury’s findings from a month ago despite hundreds of people signing a petition

Legal experts said what the 49ers are doing is wrong:

  • Former San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Quentin Kopp said: “I believe personal attacks on individual jurors could amount to jury intimidation.”

  • Lou Panetta, outgoing president of the California Grand Jurors’ Association, said: “I’ve not seen anything where the subject of an investigation does backgrounders on grand jurors and makes an attempt to undermine their credibility.”

  • Peter Hertan, president of the Santa Clara County chapter of the grand jurors association, said:  “If you don’t have the facts on your side, you go after the law. If the law is not on your side, you go after the opposing team (the civil grand jury).”

The 49ers are intimidating the Civil Grand Jury and Rosen.

Please sign this petition with your neighbors to say it’s wrong.