Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor Asks Caserta to Resign After 9 Sexual Harassment Complaints Filed with Police


Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor is leading the city council with swift and decisive action to officially admonish City Council Member Dominic Caserta and start the process to censure him and ask for his resignation at tomorrow’s council meeting.

Nine police reports have now been filed against Mr. Caserta about potential sexual abuse and improper behavior. 

“As a mayor, I feel that we as a city council must act quickly and responsibly. I’m confident we will,” said Mayor Gilmor. “As a mother,  I feel sad for the potential victims. I have children who are the same age as the students and campaign workers who Councilman Caserta may have abused.  I’m sickened by what they’ve publicly disclosed to the media.”

I know that it takes a lot of courage for someone to stand up — especially minors and young adults who may have been abused by someone in a position of power.  We as a community should be proud of them.

Join Mayor Gilmor in demanding the resignation of Council Member Dominic Caserta and sign our online petition.