Santa Clara Councilman Dominic Caserta Resigns


Santa Clara City Council Member Dominic Caserta resigned from the city council on Tuesday, May 15th and ended his election run for Santa Clara County Supervisor seat after 9 people filed police reports pertaining to allegations of sexual misconduct. 

Mr. Caserta has also been disciplined multiple times over the years for sexually harassing students by the Santa Clara Unified School District. In a written statement made yesterday, he still denies the sexual harassment claims ever took place while many of his political endorsements dropped their support. (Source: San Jose Inside, May 16, 2018)

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor led the Santa Clara City Council with swift and responsible action towards a censure vote against Caserta had he not resigned in the morning (the City Council cannot take action against a Santa Clara Unified School matter). Last Tuesday’s City Council Meeting was packed with people and emotions. Mayor Gilmor graciously led the meeting and gave alleged Caserta victims to stand-up and speak-out. 

Mayor Gilmor stated:”As a mother with children the same age as Councilman Caserta’s alleged victims, let me say to you: I feel sorry for what you ay have experienced. But I also commend you for your courage. It’s not easy for anyone, especially young adults and minors, to stand-up to people in positions of power. But many of you stood up. Our community should applaud your bravery.”

It’s time for the community to heal and for the alleged victims to see justice served.