San Jose Mercury News Gets It Wrong – Santa Clara Mayor Gillmor Under Attack from pro-49er councilmembers

Santa Clara, CA – San Jose Mercury News reporter Ramona Giwargis published a story today with false accusations and claims that Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor is using the City’s PR Firm without authorization. ‘

Let’s clarify the facts.

  1. The entire City Council approved a motion to hire Banner Public Relations to help communicate important city initiatives to our community. The reason the City Council decided to hire an external PR Firm was due to their struggle to get accurate and truthful news out to Santa Clara residents.
  2. Mayor Gillmor is a spokesperson identified to represent the City of Santa Clara like the other Council Members – all are spokespeople that need to engage with the PR Firm for media training and interview preparation.
  3. The City Attorney reviewed the meeting notes between Mayor Gillmor and the PR Firm and found no violation of the city charter.

“Rather than focusing on rebuilding their 1-9 football team, the 49ers are manipulating Councilwoman Mahan and Vice Mayor Caserta just to undercut Mayor Gillmor who is standing up for our community,” said Burt Field, Santa Clara resident and Stand Up for Santa Clara spokesperson. “Mayor Gillmor is following the law and enforcing rules inside Measure J; upholding the Levis Stadium curfew, uncovered misappropriated city general funds with the stadium audit, and protected our open spaces and soccer park.”