Tell Police Chief Mike Sellers to Follow the Law

Police Chief Mike Sellers is trying to push the city council to pay extra for the security at the 49ers vs Seahawks game that was played Jan 1, 2017.

But it’s against the law — Measure J the taxpayer protection act that prohibits general fund money from being used for stadium operations.

Sellers says that the police officers who voluntarily sign up to work at the game had to be promised extra pay because not enough people wanted to work. But there are two big problems: no one approved the expenditure and it violates Measure J.

What’s Sellers thinking? During the campaign, he was criticized for not understanding Measure J and breaking the law. Now, he’s doing it again.

Tell the Santa Clara City Council to stand up to Sellers and follow the law.

Please Call (408) 615-2250 or email [email protected]