Measure R Wins in a Landslide

Santa Clara voters made their voices loud and clear last night when nearly 90% of our community voted YES for Measure R on election day. Measure R protects Santa Clara parks and open space by requiring a vote of the people before city government can sell or change the use. We are particularly grateful that […]

Do the 49ers “Own” the Santa Clara Weekly?

Today, we’re sharing with you a guest column by a new site that covers Santa Clara news — and sheds light on the 49ers.  Santa Clara FocusBy Robert Haugh Do the 49ers “Own” the Santa Clara Weekly? Over the years, have the 49ers slowly bought out the only newspaper in Santa Clara? Dating back to […]

Jed, I Launder Clothes, Not Money

#No49ersDark Money #WhereTheHellisHarbaugh Watch our press conference video to understand how we believe the San Francisco 49ers are secretly laundering money to influence the local 2016 Santa Clara Political Election.Jed YorkDorothy Rosasan francisco 49ers

Vote Yes for Measure R & Protect Our Parks & Open Space

Please help us get out the vote and tell your family and friends to VOTE YES for Measure R. Should Measure R pass, the city of Santa Clara would be unable to sell public parkland or open space without voter approval. The initiative would shift the responsibility for city-owned property sales and land-use changes from the Santa Clara […]

BluPac Money Laundering in Santa Clara is a 501c4 Political Action Committee set-up by Douglas Chan in 2015. Their website endorses Patricia Mahan, John McLemore, Ahmad Rafah, Dr. Mohammed Nadeem, Police Chief Mike Sellers and Rod Diridron Jr. (removed last week). Blupac is trying to discredit Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, City Council Members Debi Davis & Kathy Watanabe, and city council […]

Former Santa Clara Mayor Patricia Mahan Accused of Lobbying Law Breach

Reported from the San Jose Mercury News on August 25, 2016 by Ramona Giwargis Santa Clara city officials say they’ll hire an attorney to investigate claims that former mayor and City Council candidate Patty Mahan violated the city’s new lobbying ordinance. The complaint against Mahan has political undertones. It came from Deborah Bress, who’s running for city clerk against Rod Diridon, Jr.and who has been […]

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Santa Clara: Power struggle unfolds over four City Council seats

Reprint by Ramona Giwargis, [email protected] SANTA CLARA — Two years after the San Francisco 49ers opened their new stadium here, the NFL team officials are finding a chilly reception at City Hall, where Santa Clara’s elected leaders had once welcomed them with open arms. Mayor Lisa Gillmor, who had backed the stadium project, is now among […]

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Conflict of Interest ALERT! – City Staff Want to Hire Pro-49ers Law Firm Against Football Team

Santa Clara city staff wants the city council to hire the law firm of Burke, Williams, and Sorensen LLP to represent our city against the 49ers who are trying to lower their own rent. This is the same Pro-49ers law firm who has been sitting on the same side of the table as the 49ers against the Santa […]

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Mission Accomplished, But We’re Just Getting Started

We’re thankful for everyone’s support and happy to report that the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park is back in operation. The NFL is making due on their promise to repair the Soccer Park, and while we wait for replacement soccer dugouts to get installed, we give the NFL credit for repairing the damages from Super Bowl […]

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Super Bowl Media Compound Completed While Soccer Players are Still Without Game Fields

The Santa Clara Youth Soccer players are heading into the 2016 Spring soccer season without soccer fields to play home games on, while the NFL completed construction of the media compound on the Soccer Park fields. There are reports circulating about rain water trapped underneath the plastic flooring due to the torrential El Nino rain […]

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