BluPac Money Laundering in Santa Clara is a 501c4 Political Action Committee set-up by Douglas Chan in 2015. Their website endorses Patricia Mahan, John McLemore, Ahmad Rafah, Dr. Mohammed Nadeem, Police Chief Mike Sellers and Rod Diridron Jr. (removed last week). Blupac is trying to discredit Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, City Council Members Debi Davis & Kathy Watanabe, and city council candidate Tino Silva. They are attacking Mayor Gillmor for leading an independent financial audit into Measure J even through she is not even running for re-election.

Watch our press conference video to understand how we believe the San Francisco 49ers are secretly laundering money to influence the local 2016 Santa Clara Political Election. gave $49,265 to Citizens for Economic Council (another 501c4 Political Action Committee) and CforEC filed papers to advertise direct mail for Santa Clara City Council candidates Patrica Mahan, John McLemore, Ahmad Rafah and Dr. Mohammed Nadeem. These independent expenditures will be used to mail fliers to Santa Clara residents trying to convince Santa Clara residents to vote for them. By using the two PACs the money can be hidden and used indirectly to support these 49er candidates and would allow Mahan, McLemore, Rafah and Nadeem to claim they never received money from special interest groups.

Rich Robinson (49ers political consultant) is partners with Douglas Chan, and they list many clients including the 49ers, John McLemore and Rod Diridron Jr. 

We are asking Jed York to come clean and stop the money laundering scheme.

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A smear campaign started by a pro-49er organization trying to discredit Mayor Lisa Gillmor , Kathleen Watanabe, Tino Silva and Debi Davis. All have fought to protect the rights of Santa Clara residents. or Citizens for Economic Council or some PAC bought the Santa Clara voter file and now using your address, email, home phone and cell phone number to spam you and try and convince you to vote for Patricia Mahan, John McLemore, Ahmad Rafah and Dr. Mohammed Nadeem. They are using: robocalls calls, fake political phone survey, text messages, Google ads and direct mail. Please tell your family and neighbors about this smear campaign.