Do the 49ers “Own” the Santa Clara Weekly?


Today, we’re sharing with you a guest column by a new site that covers Santa Clara news — and sheds light on the 49ers. 

Santa Clara Focus
By Robert Haugh

Do the 49ers “Own” the Santa Clara Weekly?

Over the years, have the 49ers slowly bought out the only newspaper in Santa Clara?

Dating back to 2010, the Santa Clara Weekly had a financial relationship with the 49ers – nearly every week a large 49ers advertisement appeared – I remember – I worked there. In addition, the 49ers recently purchased a full page ad just weeks ago.

Associate Editor Carolyn Schuk was very proud of the 49ers’ sponsorship of an event she held for her non-profit Santa Clara Performing Arts Foundation – There’s even a story in the Weekly.

So are the 49ers financial or political allies with the Santa Clara WEEKLY and their staff? It sure looks that way…

Does the Santa Clara Weekly still have financial connections to the 49ers?

We inquired directly with Publisher Miles Barrber and Carolyn, asking them whether they received funds from the 49ers or related entities in the past four years. None have responded to my requests for written comment. It’s somewhat ironic that they won’t comment when they expect others to do so. But I’ll print anything they want to say.

Is Miles Barber Santa Clara’s Donald Trump?

Miles has become very Trump-like in his column. This week, he degraded several Santa Clara council women, saying they “can’t spell their own names” … This is unprofessional and childish … or Trump-like. “This crap about dark money in Santa Clara is a smoke screen to cover the Mayor’s arm twisting and fund raising antics from several high-profile developers,” he added. Barber himself is a registered lobbyist for a high-density development project on El Camino: the Mariani’s Inn property. It’s not the Trump Towers but it’s got lots of neighborhood​ and city hall​ opposition.