Mission Accomplished, But We’re Just Getting Started



We’re thankful for everyone’s support and happy to report that the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park is back in operation. The NFL is making due on their promise to repair the Soccer Park, and while we wait for replacement soccer dugouts to get installed, we give the NFL credit for repairing the damages from Super Bowl 50. 

Winning the battle to save the soccer park took perseverance and support from a very large community of people who were willing to stand up with us. You protested with us and made your opinions heard loud and clear at City Hall. You stood with us at Superior Court, and you “shared and retweeted” our messages throughout social media.  We all did this together and for that we truly want to express our gratitude to you!

Saving soccer park was one huge objective, but the bigger reason we formed Stand Up For Santa Clara over a year ago was to fight for an Open, Honest and Transparent government.

We were not alone and by no means was this our original idea. It was also the effort by Santa Clara Plays Fair, Santa Clara and Beyond, Friends of Ulistac, the Win6 Village, and The Old Quad Resident’s Association, and lots of individuals that helped push for change.

Santa Clara City Council for the People!

We are thrilled to see the positive changes at the Santa Clara City Council, and we congratulate Mayor Lisa Gilmor and Council Member Kathy Watanabe for their appointment to the City Council. There is a cultural shift in how our elected officials work to manage our city. There is a real effort to foster open transparency, to engage with our community, and to stand up for our citizens and not cater to the NFL Team or other special interest groups. This is a huge step in the right direction.

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