Conflict of Interest ALERT! – City Staff Want to Hire Pro-49ers Law Firm Against Football Team

Santa Clara city staff wants the city council to hire the law firm of Burke, Williams, and Sorensen LLP to represent our city against the 49ers who are trying to lower their own rent. This is the same Pro-49ers law firm who has been sitting on the same side of the table as the 49ers against the Santa Clara Youth Soccer community.

Does’t that seem like a conflict of interest?

Last year former Mayor Matthews, former City Manager Julio Fuentes and current City Attorney Ren Nosky hired this same law firm to battle the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League. The soccer community fought to protect the fields and filed a lawsuit against the City and NFL to prevent the Super Bowl takeover, and to ensure the complete return of the soccer fields after the event. The lawsuit between the soccer league vs. the City and NFL still exits as the NFL have not completely returned the fields to the pre-SuperBowl condition. 

Why are the City Attorney Richard Nosky, Jr., the Director of Finance Gary Ameling and City Manager Rajeev Batra making this recommendation? 

Can Burke, Williams, and Sorensen LLP really be objective? They have a conflict of interest in our view.

If the city staff wants to Stand Up to the 49ers they need to hire a law firm that has no conflict or relationship with the 49ers.

We are asking for your help to Stand Up for our community:

  • Attend the City Council Meeting Tonight and speak-up against the City Staff recommendation.
  • Send an email to [email protected] and let them know you want an unbiased law firm to represent our city in the arbitration battle.

Please Stand Up and Share with your family and friends to spread the news!

Stand Up for Santa Clara 

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