Jed York is Spending $3.5 to Get His Candidates Elected


Follow the money – Reviewing Independent Expenditure spending

Ethics expert Dr. Tom Shanks and local activist/business owner Kirk Vartan discuss the lopsided political support 49ers owner Jed York is spending to influence the 2022 Santa Clara City Council elections. York is funding the election campaigns for Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy to protect the 49ers majority voting block on the Santa Clara City Council.

Democracy is at a breaking point and the culprit isn’t super partisanship. It’s the poor behavior of our leaders at every level. In this 15 minute video, Dr. Shank and Kirk Vartan review campaigns, campaign materials, and candidates; hold them to the voluntary code of fair practices they all signed; and, sometimes, give them a letter grade. They call out bad behavior and applaud good behavior. They encourage voters to pay attention to campaign ethics and provide the information voters need to hold their candidates, especially local council candidates, accountable.

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