Show Your Support at the City Council Meeting, Tues., Nov. 22nd


Santa Clara residents and Stand Up for Santa Clara supporters- please show your support for Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, and Santa Clara City Council Members Teresa O’Neill, Debi Davis and Kathy Watanabe at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 22nd. They are standing up and doing what is RIGHT for the CITY and our RESIDENTS.

Bring your family, friends and neighbors. We need to show the San Francisco 49ers executive staff that they need to follow the law like everybody else in this city! Free pizza and cannoli will be available at 6:15pm from A Slice of New York.

  • Show Jed York, and Santa Clara City Council Members Dominic Caserta and Pat Kolstad that Santa Clara belongs to the residents!
  • Come early to get a seat inside – don’t get shut into the lobby like last week. You can choose to simply say, “I support you Mayor” or you can share whatever is on your mind for up to two minutes (fill out a speaker card in the front of the chambers). Or you can sit in solidarity, silently showing your support.
  • You can also email Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor and the Santa Clara City Council members a message that you want the council to stand firm for our community to ensure the 49ers deliver the financial audit details. The independent auditors already know the city was illegally billed for some of the stadium operations under former Mayor Jamie Matthews and City Manager Julio Fuentes regime.

The 49ers need to follow the law and comply with Measure J regulations. #FollowTheLaw 

Tuesday, November 22nd