Chahal, Park, Hardy & Jain Vote to Defund Police During Increasing Crime Rates

Santa Clara City Council Members Raj Chahal, Kevin Park, Karen Hardy and Suds Jain Voted to Cut Police Dept. Funding

During the March 9, 2021 Santa Clara City Council Meeting, Councilwoman Karen Hardy made the motion to cut the Police Department Budget. It was seconded by Vice Mayor Raj Chahal. Council members Kevin Park and Suds Jain supported the police cuts.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Council members Kathy Watanabe and Anthony Becker voted against the police cuts.

Crime Rates Increasing in Santa Clara

Santa Clara Police Chief Police Pat Nikolai responded to City Council questions about crime stats showing a major increases in rape, robbery, and burglary. And there’s a huge increase in vehicle thefts.

That means about 8 fewer police officers will be patrolling Santa Clara streets and 15 total positions will be frozen and could be cut later from our police department. 

The Council had a good alternative. They could have taken about $1.6 million in funds from a “rainy day” budget stabilization fund to avoid the cuts, but the majority decided not to. 

The fund still has over $57 million in it after the Council decision.

Make Your Voices Heard About Defunding Our Police Department

Please consider contacting your District Council Member via emails and phone calls to their offices.
Here is the City of Santa Clara District Map
Raj Chahal (District 2)
Telephone (office): (408) 615-2250
Karen Hardy (District 3)
Telephone (office): 408-615-2250
Kevin Park (District 4)
Telephone (office): (408) 615-2250
Suds Jain (District 5) 
Telephone (office): (408) 615-2250