Santa Clara City Council Hide NFL Usage of Soccer Park in a Closed Session Meeting


Santa Clara City Council Move Soccer Park Discussion to Closed Door Meeting

The Santa Clara City Leadership Team just moved the discussion about the NFL’s use of the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park from an open and transparent conversation, to a Closed Door Meeting held Tuesday, December 8th.

We don’t understand why they refuse to communicate the usage plans of the Soccer Park with SCYSL and PAL youth soccer stakeholders. 

  • There has been NO communication from city leadership, the NFL, or Super Bowl 50 Committee to the Youth Soccer Stakeholders. Are they trying to hide something?
  • Why do they need to make decisions behind closed doors vs. an open & transparent process?
  • The youth soccer leagues cannot manage or plan the 2016 Season if there is no information about the usage plans. Will there be any fields left for the kids after the Super Bowl?
  • There are still No details if the NFL or Santa Clara tax payers would pay for damaged fields.

Please attend the Santa Clara City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 8th and request that City Leadership host this discussion in an Open and Transparent Process. 

  • Meeting Location: City Hall Council Chambers, 1500 Warburton Ave., Santa Clara 95050
  • Arrive: 5pm
  • Public Comment: 5:30pm-6pm

We need to hold our City Leadership accountable to Stand-Up for Santa Clara citizens and our community.