Santa Clara City Council Attempting to Change Developer Fee Agreement & Jeopardize Parks & Open Space

Certain members of the Santa Clara City Council are attempting to change a developer fee agreement which became fully effective in 2014, to provide funding and protect Santa Clara’s Parks and Open Space. Members of the Council want to reduce developer fees by 35%, and this would leave the city without adequate funds needed to purchase land for new parks.

This is another example of certain council members supporting special interest groups over our community.Join Us at the Santa Clara City Council Chambers Tuesday, Jan. 26th at 5pm
1500 Warburton Ave., Santa Clara, CAStop the Killing-Off of Santa Clara Parks & Open Space
For years, Santa Clara was the only city in the area without a parks impact fee requiring developers to help fund new parks. In 2014, thanks to our joint efforts, city councilmembers enacted a fee based on the fair-market value of land. Now, however, developers are pushing council members to reduce these fees by >35%. This would leave the city without adequate funds needed to purchase land for new parks. It would help developers but hurt our neighborhoods. Santa Clara residents want (and need!) parks to accommodate greater population growth. These fees will maintain them. We need a City Council who will do what’s right and not bow to special interests. Take Action Before Its Too Late

  • Email Santa Clara Mayor and City Councilmembers [email protected] by Tuesday 1/26
  • Attend the City Council Meeting on 1/26 and speak-up at the Study Session and during the council meeting, Item 14A.

We Need to Stop the Continued Pattern of Closed Door Meetings Used to Harm Santa ClaraLast year, the Mayor and Council tried to orchestrate a behind-the-scenes move to hand over the Youth Soccer Park to the 49ers that was stopped when the soccer community packed the council. The Santa Clara leadership waited all year and hid the Super Bowl 50 plans to build a media compound on the soccer park fields. On December 15th, the City announced they would allow the NFL to build a Media Compound on the soccer fields and still have not provided the youth soccer players with fields to play games.
An effort to destroy Ulistac Preserve with a parking lot was halted by Friends of Ulistac who were a strong force at City Hall.

Join Us and Stand Up for Santa Clara!

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