Over 91% of Santa Clarans Want to Protect Right to Vote for Police Chief and City Clerk

Back on November 5, 2023, Robert Haugh from Santa Clara News Online, published an investigative report regarding the Charter Committee Survey. It appears the city survey results were manipulated by Individuals or Bots to Eliminate Elected Police Chief and City Clerk.

The Committee is using data collected from a survey where individuals or bots voted multiple times and manipulated the results to support the Committee’s recommendation.

After Santa Clara News Online reported on September 11 that the early survey results supported keeping the right of voters to elect Santa Clara’s Police Chief and City Clerk, the numbers suddenly changed.

Over 5,000 unregistered respondents voted in the survey. Those are responses that did not have to provide a name or a Santa Clara address to vote. They could be individuals or bots who voted multiple times. 

The unregistered respondents/bots voted overwhelmingly to get rid of Santa Clara residents right to vote for the Police Chief by 93-7 percent and the City Clerk by 93-6 percent. That result supports the Committee’s recommendation.

Over 91% Want to Elect Our Police Chief and City Clerk

Because we suspect the committee’s survey data was manipulated, we surveyed our own membership of Santa Clara residents. Here is the data:

  • 1,093 Stand-Up for Santa Clara members were asked to complete the survey.
  • 108 completed the survey