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Jed York, San Francisco 49ers Owner

Stop the 49ers’ Dark Money Campaign Spending in Santa Clara Elections

This month, the City of Santa Clara uncovered a possible “dark money” scheme by the San Francisco 49ers.  The team is spending over $300,000 to buy a Santa Clara city election — and they tried to do it anonymously. They hid the money until the City Clerk caught them.  They’re opposing Measure C because they […]

Do the 49ers “Own” the Santa Clara Weekly?

Today, we’re sharing with you a guest column by a new site that covers Santa Clara news — and sheds light on the 49ers.  Santa Clara FocusBy Robert Haugh Do the 49ers “Own” the Santa Clara Weekly? Over the years, have the 49ers slowly bought out the only newspaper in Santa Clara? Dating back to […]

Jed, I Launder Clothes, Not Money

#No49ersDark Money #WhereTheHellisHarbaugh Watch our press conference video to understand how we believe the San Francisco 49ers are secretly laundering money to influence the local 2016 Santa Clara Political Election.Jed YorkDorothy Rosasan francisco 49ers

Santa Clara Youth Soccer League Stops City Council From Selling Soccer Park to 49ers

Santa Clara Youth Soccer League Stop San Francisco 49ers Attempted Take-Over of Youth Soccer Park Tonight, at the Santa Clara City Council meeting, the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League stopped the San Francisco 49ers attempted take over of the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park. Nearly 100 children from the youth soccer league packed the Santa […]