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49ers Want to Get Rid of City Attorney, then Curfew, and Take Over Santa Clara — But We Can Stop Them

Santa Clara Councilman Dominic Caserta Resigns

Santa Clara City Council Member Dominic Caserta resigned from the city council on Tuesday, May 15th and ended his election run for Santa Clara County Supervisor seat after 9 people filed police reports pertaining to allegations of sexual misconduct.  Mr. Caserta has also been disciplined multiple times over the years for sexually harassing students by the Santa Clara Unified School District. […]

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor Asks Caserta to Resign After 9 Sexual Harassment Complaints Filed with Police

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor is leading the city council with swift and decisive action to officially admonish City Council Member Dominic Caserta and start the process to censure him and ask for his resignation at tomorrow’s council meeting. Nine police reports have now been filed against Mr. Caserta about potential sexual abuse and improper behavior.  […]

Go One on One With Mayor Gillmor, June 1st at 7pm

Go one-on-one with Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor on Friday, June 1st at 7pm. Join Santa Clara Charter Review Committee and super community activist Hosam Haggag as he leads an interview with Mayor Gilmor. Join the call and ask Mayor Gillmor questions at 712-451-0881 access code 787012. 

Tell Police Chief Mike Sellers to Follow the Law

Police Chief Mike Sellers is trying to push the city council to pay extra for the security at the 49ers vs Seahawks game that was played Jan 1, 2017. But it’s against the law — Measure J the taxpayer protection act that prohibits general fund money from being used for stadium operations. Sellers says that […]

San Jose Mercury News Gets It Wrong – Santa Clara Mayor Gillmor Under Attack from pro-49er councilmembers

Santa Clara, CA – San Jose Mercury News reporter Ramona Giwargis published a story today with false accusations and claims that Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gilmor is using the City’s PR Firm without authorization. ‘ Let’s clarify the facts. The entire City Council approved a motion to hire Banner Public Relations to help communicate important […]

Show Your Support at the City Council Meeting, Tues., Nov. 22nd

Santa Clara residents and Stand Up for Santa Clara supporters- please show your support for Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, and Santa Clara City Council Members Teresa O’Neill, Debi Davis and Kathy Watanabe at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 22nd. They are standing up and doing what is RIGHT for the CITY and […]

Santa Clara Appoints New Interim City Attorney

Reprint from: Santa Clara News Online By Robert Haugh City Appoints New Interim City Attorney The City of Santa Clara has  a new, Interim City Attorney. It’s Brian Doyle who is a Santa Clara resident and Civil Services Commissioner. He received unanimous support from the city council with Dominic Caserta absent for the vote. Ren […]

Jed, I Launder Clothes, Not Money

#No49ersDark Money #WhereTheHellisHarbaugh Watch our press conference video to understand how we believe the San Francisco 49ers are secretly laundering money to influence the local 2016 Santa Clara Political Election.Jed YorkDorothy Rosasan francisco 49ers